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The USA Cone

The Original Drumstick Cone

So it's the early 1900's. Ice cream bowls are everywhere. You're at the 1904 World's Fair slinging ice cream until, wait, no more bowls. What to do. You see a guy selling waffles at the next booth, and you think a crazy thought. Roll up a waffle, delicious scoop goes on top, boom. World, prepare to meet the Drumstick® cone. Drumstick® cone, prepare to meet the world.

The USA Cone

America's favorite cone - that's nuts!

In 2021 a record-breaking 8,382,192 lbs. of peanuts were chopped and placed atop Drumstick cones. To put that in context... that's one peanut per second for approximately 97 days. Feel free to break brains with that fun factoid.

Drumstick is the No. 1 Cone in the USA

Dr. Umstick

Another Day, Another Drumstick

The man. The myth. The doctor. The foremost expert among frozen snacks. A poet, a philosopher, an eater of cones, a thinker of thoughts. For him, it's Drumstick sundae cones over everything. He's the spokes-doll with plans to take Drumstick to new heights.


We're #Trending

Drumstick is the top frozen treat on TikTok. With a quick ascension to over 1 million followers, the content is just as quirky and unexpected as the product itself. Give us a follow and join the community. Used under license by Froneri International Limited. Nestle® Registered Trade Mark of Societe des Produits Nestle S.A., Vevey, Switzerland.


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